How to accessorise your home with art


Simone Suss is the founder of Studio Suss, an interior design studio based in Kings Cross, London. With a focus on delivering contemporary yet timeless interiors, their philosophy is to balance functional design with exquisite finishes to create a sensory experience. As a Patron of the Royal Academy of Arts, Simone is an expert in her field and has unique access to the world of art, something she uses to create elegant interiors that are at the cutting edge of design. Here Simone shares with The LuxPad her top 10 tips for accessorising your home with art…

1. Art Comes in Many Forms

From old masters to contemporary objects via things that children make in 5 minutes, there are many types of art. All have a place in the right setting; it’s the emotional reaction that’s important.

2. Know What You’re Looking At

For the investment pieces, you need to make sure that you’re buying from the reputable galleries. If it’s an heirloom then it’s good to know the history and have work regularly valued for insurance.

3. Love What You See

Not all art is expensive but we always advise clients to buy what they love. The art market will fluctuate but how a piece makes you feel when you look at it is of paramount importance if you’re hanging it at home.

4. Make it Appropriate to the Environment

For the investment pieces, you need to make sure that you’re buying from the reputable galleries. If it’s an heirloom then it’s good to know the history and have work regularly valued for insurance.

5. Consider the Function of the Room

You might want a bright conversation piece for a lounge, or a relaxed landscape in the bedroom. The art needs to work well with the style of the room and tonally work with the colour palette. The earlier in the design process that the art is considered, the better.

6. Consider Lighting

Consider how the art will be viewed both during the day and night. During the day, be aware of direct sunlight which can cause damage to photographs, works on paper or prints. During the evening, different lighting will have different effects on the art so these will need to be considered. For example, wall washes in the ceiling, wall lights or uplighting will all create different effects.

7. Framing

We always use expert framers who can recommend the best type of frames and glass. Some glass, for example, has UV protection or is non-reflective. When hanging art, plan; hold up work to the wall to check it works in the space and if possible find a good art hanger.

8. Work with Space and Scale

Decide whether you want a gallery or a large single piece on the wall. With a gallery, look at them all together before hanging them to ensure they work together. The space between pictures (negative space) is as important as the art. Give large pieces room to breathe.

9. Consider the Best Viewpoint and Angle

As a rule of thumb the eye needs to line up with the middle of the picture. Be aware of any obstacles and make allowances, particularly those that may damage the work such as chair backs, doors, animals and children.

10. Art Comes in Many Forms

In addition to items that can be hung on the walls we’ve worked with art in the form of lighting, furniture, sculpture, skateboards, kids’ drawings and papier-mâché.
It’s how the art makes you feel that’s important; if you are the one living with it and you love it, enjoy it!

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